World Wines Featured in Yelm


When it comes to choosing wine, plenty of local folks rely on Anne Marsh, the “Virtuose de Vin” at Wine Cellar of Yelm.

Her knowledge can point customers to wine they enjoy and can afford, without fail. It’s like having your own personal “wine whisperer.” Marita Bott and Jolene Cesmat, both experienced wine drinkers, depend on Marsh’s research and understanding when it comes to learning about and selecting wines. They also take her advice when it comes to pairing wine with food. Marsh has become their personal shopper, of sorts.

“All the wine is good,” Bott said of the products available at the wine cellar tucked in the corner of the Yelm Co-op. “I love Anne’s approach to education. When it comes to wine, for the money, this is definitely the best shop in the area.”

“The ultimate goal is to send someone home with a bottle they like,” Marsh said.

Most of the wines offered are organic and contain no fillers or additives. They are artisanal wines from small vineyards that she’s personally researched. One of the wines offered last Friday night was foot-stomped, she said. Another wine was aged six months in clay pots.

Cesmat met Marsh about a year ago.

“She’s amazing, personable and I’m impressed with the wines she brings in,” Cesmat said, who added that organic wine is important to her because it is better for the planet.

“She’s able to bring in wines at a good price, $12 to $15. It’s all here,” Cesmat said. A group of first-time wine tasters arrived to taste the wine last week and learned there is “a lot to learn” about wine, said one.

According to Marsh, some years are better than others when it comes to wine. She said she’ll grab just about any wine from 2012 because for some reason, it just seems to be one of the better years when grapes in certain regions did well.

“Terroir,” Marsh explained, is being aware of how a particular region’s climate, land and “soul” of the vintner affect the taste of wine. Drinking white wine when it is young is fine, she said, but reds should age longer in most cases. There are as many women as men making names for themselves and producing great wines.

On-hand assisting Marsh in Friday’s tasting was Carol Reutercrona of Noble Distributing. She sees many different wine shops and said Yelm is “everything fantastic. It’s an easy shop to sell in; we sell a lot of imports here.”

Marsh said all her selections sell well, but the largest inventory turnover is wines from Italy and Spain. Her dream is that everyone come into the store and taste what she has to offer. The cellar doesn’t charge for tasting like a lot of places do and what folks will find is unique and exceptional.


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