Reflecting on Matthew 22:15-22, the Elections

FINDING REASON By Pastor Jeff Adams
Posted 10/20/16

Flattery, trickery, etc. — it’s nothing new. Jesus saw through their words and knew their motives. He was being set up to look anti-government. Even so, He blew them away with His answer, undoing …

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Reflecting on Matthew 22:15-22, the Elections


Flattery, trickery, etc. — it’s nothing new. Jesus saw through their words and knew their motives. He was being set up to look anti-government. Even so, He blew them away with His answer, undoing their sneaky plans.

Today, it is much the same. Politically-minded people seem to delight in trying to trap those who disagree with them or others who might undo their plans. We’re reaching the climax of a very odd, disturbing, and heated presidential election, and political games are in full swing.

We have two main candidates running for president, neither of which make either of their respective parties happy. One comes across as arrogant, not too knowledgeable about the job for which he applies, and has a rather suspicious, not-so-stellar track record of multiple business practices. The other has a long track record of getting away with and covering up major federal and international crimes, losing billions of state department dollars, and bilking many out of their charitable giving by misappropriating funds in her supposed foundation.

One has acted like a bully at debates and the other has employed illegal and immoral tactics to win this thing at all costs. One has attacked the other with unsubstantiated accusations about sexual harassment, while the other has attacked with threats of jail time.

Nationally, it’s so ugly most of us who will vote will do so while holding our noses. Few seem proud to support either major candidate. No, most appear to be voting for a candidate as a gesture of opposition to the other person. It’s a sad day in American history as few will be happy — even if their candidate wins.

As a tenured area pastor, I submit to you some advice concerning this year’s elections. These are my opinions, based on a lifetime of leadership, Bible study and Christian living.

Cast aside political party persuasions and examine the consequences of your vote. Ask yourself, “Would Jesus be pleased with my vote?”

Do not neglect paying close attention to the local and other elections as well. In our area, proven advocates for the people in our area are running for reelection, JT Wilcox and Randi Becker. Additionally, our former sheriff, Gary Edwards, is running for Thurston County Commissioner. We know these people, and they are proven community leaders who care about us. It’s not hard for most of us in the area to know whether or not we should support these three people. To me, it’s a no-brainer. If you don’t know about a particular candidate for which you are being asked to vote, find out more. If you struggle with that, look to see the opinions of people you trust. Find out who the wise people around you are supporting.

Also, pay careful attention to the initiatives and other things on the ballots. A good rule of thumb is always resist supporting things that will ultimately cost you more (e.g., tax increases of any kind). If you understand economics, you know that voting for measures, initiatives, and candidates that promise to give more free stuff to people (even if it is free to you), that necessarily means working people will ultimately pay more for it. So, voting for government plans or people who promise to give people more of this or that is essentially the generations to come. Why not prefer to require the government to balance budgets, rather than to enable them to just keep taxing more and spending more? In the end, this whole concept of taxing and spending more will destroy our great country.

Jesus taught us to give or do our part when it comes to government and Christianity. We still live in a free nation that functions best when the government represents the people who supports it, and the people carefully select who represents them.

Christians, prayerfully vote with your Bible as your guide. Pay attention to what the people who disagree with you say. Pay attention to the history of candidates. Pay attention to who is pushing what, and ask why.

The stakes are high. My hope and prayer is that Christians will vote in such a way as to please Jesus. May God guide, guard and direct us. Amen.

Jeff Adams is pastor for Paramount Christian Church. His column appears weekly in the Nisqually Valley News. Email him at


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