Prestige Senior Living Rosemont hosts resident art walk


Eleven residents of Prestige Senior Living Rosemont in Yelm displayed their talents on Friday, May 10 as the assisted living facility hosted an art show. The displays featured oil paintings, sculptures, crochet, woodworking, drawings and more.

Kylie Woods, community relations director at Prestige Senior Living Rosemont, said the residents were excited to display their artwork at the event. She believes the event was a good opportunity for the seniors to display their talents and for the community at large to learn about the assisted living community.

“Some residents, it’s what they did in the past and some are still (creating) what’s being showcased out there,” Woods said. “They are very, very talented, and it makes them feel important to showcase to our community.”

Woods added that events hosted at the assisted living community can be found at on its calendar.

Carolyn Benum, a six-month resident at Prestige Senior Living Rosemont, said the assisted living center is very active in the local community, and that she likes to be involved. She displayed many of her drawings and paintings at the art walk on May 10.

“I always felt like I was an artist. It started in grade school doing paper dolls, and then on through high school. It’s just fun to draw something that someone likes, appreciates and enjoys looking at,” Benum said on May 10. “I’m glad to have the God-given talent. It’s not just fun to show my artwork, but I didn’t have any idea we have so many talented people here. It’s been amazing and fun to see the art and talents today.”

Linda Hamilton, a five-month resident at Prestige Senior Living Rosemont, displayed many of her crocheted items at the art walk.

“My art has always been a passion to me. My family is number one, and my art is number two. I just love creating and designing, and I’ve been crocheting since I was 11 years old,” Hamilton said. “I have crocheted one-of-a-kind items. Everything is designer stuff. There will only be one of everything. ... I designed these. I’ve made a blanket, a Santa bag to put Christmas presents in, designer Barbie dolls [clothes] and stuffed animals. They’re all hand-crocheted by me.”

She said the assisted living community is a welcoming, friendly environment.

“It’s incredible to let people see what I can do [with crocheting] because I haven’t had time in the past, with raising a family and everything. Now, I’m here doing me, and I can focus 100% on my passion. I just love designing and creating, taking a ball of yarn, and all the sudden it becomes something incredible.”

Ellen McDaniel, a resident of nearly three years at Prestige Senior Living Rosemont, presented her hand-crocheted towels at the art walk. She said each item typically takes two to three hours to complete.

“I make these get-towels and crochet a top on them. You can put them on your stove, oven door or cupboard,” McDaniel said. “I love it. It keeps me busy. I make these whenever I can. I sell them at Shiplap in Yelm, too. They have all kinds of things in there.”

Janna Carter, a two-year resident at Prestige Senior Living Rosemont, displayed her diamond bedazzled art, which she handcrafted with beads.

“I enjoy making whichever one keeps me out of trouble. It’s something to do. It’s fun to have people look at (my artwork) because I make a whole lot of it. My kids’ houses are getting full,” Carter said. “I’ve always been artsy. I just like doing all kinds of crafts.”

Carter said it was nice being able to see residents and visitors at the art walk appreciate the work she does.

“I love it here. The staff is very friendly,” Carter said. “There’s a lot of activities to do. If you want to be by yourself, you just go to your room. If you want to visit with someone, you just come on down. It’s nice.”