Letters to the Editor: We’re Honored to Have the Water Tower Completed


There are so many people we would like to thank for their contribution to the Yelm water tower project. First, my employee and partner on this project Andrew Barben, having the faith in me and us to complete this project, and sticking through the long hours, and working your weekends. It couldn’t have been easy.

To our families, thank you for putting up with the missed family events, the reschedule after reschedule that came with this project. We love you all so much. I’m sure we were not easy to deal with this whole project.

To my son Kyndal, and my mother Ilona Connally, who together volunteered over 800 hours of service behind the scenes and on the ground.

To the companies that contributed rentals and supplies. Thank you Max J. Kuney, Snell Crane, Tyler Rentals, Brenda Campbell and Coles Auto Detailing.

To Steve Craig and the board of the Save the Water Tower group, thank you for endorsing the project and thank you for your diligence along the way.

To Mayor JW Foster and all other city officials who had a hand in this project. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding on the project.

Thank you doesn’t express how much we truly appreciate each and every person listed, and not listed that had a hand in this job. We are excited and honored to have the water tower completed and available for generations to view.

Again, thank you everyone,

Tracy Connally, Andrew Barben,



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