Letter to the Editor: Photo of Hundreds of Maskless Culp Supporters Gathering Is Astounding


I was astounded at the photograph of Republican gubernatorial candidate Loren Culp’s rally in Yelm Friday, July 17, with a reported 500 people closely packed, and few wearing Gov. Jay Inslee’s required face masks. Several thoughts come to mind.

• By the time this letter is published, there will be a spike in COVID-19 cases associated with this event.

• If attendees would not follow the governor’s and the Thurston County health officer’s masking requirements, what makes Mr. Culp think his supporters will follow any of his health directives should he become governor?

• If presumptive conservatives cannot accept the most basic, understandable and courteous public health instructions, how can one trust any of their party’s other platforms?

It’s a shame his supporters are so inconsiderate of the health of their neighbors. Wearing seat belts and motorcycle helmets minimize Injuries. Not wearing masks, just as forgoing seat belts and helmets, will cause an increase in injury and infection, which increases the costs of care, which increases everyone’s insurance rates and public subsidies for the uninsured, increasing tax rates.

Please wear a mask and wash your hands.


Will Stewart



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