Letter: Even in Washington, Voting Rights Are Under Attack


Rep. Brad Klippert (R-Kennewick) introduced HB 1377, which would end vote by mail and HB 1014, which would elect the governor by an electoral college vote by county. While these bills will not become law this season because we currently have a Democratic majority, it highlights the need for national protection.

The For the People Act (S.1) will protect our freedom to vote by making sure that voting options are equally accessible across all 50 states and prevent billionaires from buying our elections.

Over 250 state-level bills have been introduced to limit voting rights. Sen. Patty Murray publicly stated that she is open to overturning the filibuster to help the majority pass this vital legislation.

Sen. Maria Cantwell has not said she is willing to stop the filibuster to protect our voting rights. We need to let her know this is a priority!

Madeline Bishop, 



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