Kyle Sets Up Yummy Local Foods at Dylan’s Corner


Susie Kyle’s Yummy Local Foods are ready-to-eat convenience foods that are good for you, look delicious, and taste great.

After being an organic farmer for 20 years, Kyle, founder/owner/operator of Yummy Local Foods, one day realized she had developed an entire brand line of local organic ready-to-eat convenience foods. In this moment she was no longer a farmer, though she still loves to grow, but a food designer spending her time in the kitchen.  

Synchronistically her daughter two months later decided to become the farmer in the family. Mari’s Farm, run by Mari and her husband Tim, is Susie’s first choice for produce, and touts what Susie and many others to be the finest salad greens in our area.

Now that’s Susie’s product line is fully developed, she is ready for expansion, the next step.  When she approached Stan Parker, owner of Dylan’s Corner/Mackey’s gas station, if he would consider adding her line of local organic ready-to-eat foods, he was an instant yes. Realizing his customers may not be familiar with Quinoa Salad, for example, Susie thought interacting with the customers and letting them taste the foods would be a good idea.

Being a natural at sampling her products at the Yelm Farmers Market, Susie set up her farmers market display at the convenience store at the intersection of Vail Road and 153rd so customers could taste test her new products. Being very well received, Susie and the products, this may become a regular Saturday event.

Bringing corn dogs and quinoa salads together is an unlikely marriage, but may just be the sign of the times for people who are looking for healthy fast food options.


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