King Cronic Bringing Pot Sales to Yelm


Following a change in zoning rules earlier this summer by the Yelm City Council, a retail and medical marijuana outlet is coming to the Prairie City at the former Subway and liquor store buildings.

Called King Cronic, the family business owned by Tim Cronc Sr., has a store in Grand Mound, and used to have two others in Longview and Cathlamet in Southwest Washington.

Tim Cronc Jr. is the manager of the Grand Mound pot store. He said the family is from and lives in Yelm. They hope to open sometime in the fall following renovations to what Cronc Jr. said would be an “upper class” outlet.

“I’m hoping it’s pretty busy with the amount of traffic that goes through Yelm every day,” Cronc Jr. said.

He said they want to bring the benefits of medical marijuana to the Yelm community. He said old-school thought that marijuana is a gateway drug is out of touch. The Croncs originally sold medical marijuana before getting into the retail business.

“This is a better alternative to opioids,” Cronc Jr. said. “Pain medicine creates bad habits.”

King Cronic, along with selling marijuana, can issue endorsements to add people to the medical marijuana registry in Washington state.

As far as the city of Yelm, when the council voted to reduce the existing 1,000-foot buffer from areas with high population of youth to 700 feet, it allowed for the Subway/liquor store site to fall within the law.

Mayor JW Foster during the council deliberations said a reduced 700-foot buffer would allow more locations along the Yelm corridor to become available, including the old Subway and liquor store building at 1110 NE Algiers Road SE.


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