In Loving Memory of Kazuko ‘Katy’ Hicks: 1975-2023


Kazuko “Katy” Elizabeth Hicks, passed away on June 15, 2023, at her home in Rainier. She was a wonderful mother, sister, daughter and friend to many. We will miss her so very much. She was a lifetime resident of Yelm and attended McKenna Elementary School through Yelm High School. She was 47 years old when she passed — 47 full and very eventful years. She was an avid gardener and a very accomplished whistler. 

Katy is survived by her mother Lela Hanson, her stepfather Carl Hanson, her son Derek Murphy and daughter Haley Wilson. She is also survived by her brother John Hicks and many cousins, aunts and friends. 

Katy is preceded in death by her father Vincent Hicks, and her grandparents Aletha, and Oren Peugh, and Katy and Carl Stout. 

Katy did not like funerals and preferred to celebrate life. She will be cremated and her mother, Lela, will spread her ashes at many places that Katy loved to be.

zheimer's Foundation of America,