The Tornados took home second place at the 10th annual Jump On In wrestling tournament hosted Saturday, Dec. 7, at the Yelm High School gymnasium.

Around 50 teams traveled to the Pride of the Prairie for the event, with more than 400 competitive wrestlers fighting for success in their respective brackets, according to information posted on the Yelm Girls Wrestling Facebook Page.

According to posted results, Yelm was bested by White River 180 points to the Tornados’ 126. Othello came in third with 121 points, Everett came in fourth with 104 and Union finished fifth with 95 points scored.

Yelm freshman Amailee Niz placed sixth in the mixed 130/135 weight class, scoring 12 points for her team. Senior Shelyn Rieger placed fourth in the 130/135 weight class, clinching 18 points.

Senior Abigail Oglesby ultimately won out in the 130/135 weight class with a first-place finish after pinning four opponents over four matches with only about 4 minutes, 30 seconds of mat time.

Junior Caroline McKay placed sixth in the 140 weight class and scored 14 points for the Tornados. Freshman Cheyenne Wakeham also placed sixth, but in the 145 weight class, and scored 13 points.

Senior Carly Smith had a brilliant day back on the mat after returning to the Yelm program after a one-year hiatus. Smith placed first in the competitive 145 weight class and earned Yelm 30 points.

Freshman Camryn Erickson placed second in the 155 weight class and scored 24 points for the Tornados.

Jump On In played host to two 170 weight class brackets, which were well represented by the likes of sophomore A’Myrha Dylina-Syyan and freshman Alayna Preston. Dylina-Syyan took home fourth in the consolation semis, scoring 19 points in the process, and Preston placed second in the 170B bracket with 18 points during a matchup for first place.

Junior Tina Kiehn placed fourth in the 235 weight class and contributed 19 points overall to her team’s win.

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