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On July 22 Kent Police Officer Diego Moreno was accidentally struck and killed by a patrol car. When Zack Medlock, co-owner of Freedom Training Center in Yelm, heard of the accident his heart immediately went out to Moreno’s wife, Shelly, and their two kids, so he reached out and asked if he…


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In America, when people invent things, they expect their trade secrets to be protected by federal law when their government patents are approved. However, that isn’t always the case.

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The plight of a grieving orca who continues to carry her dead calf for weeks is reported by the Seattle Times. The Spokane Spokesman-Review lets people know for the first time the Legislature is forming a task force to exempt lawmakers from portions of the Public Records Act.

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Even though students are off for the summer, significant work has taken place in preparation for the upcoming start of school Sept. 5. Safety issues have been at the forefront of our planning.

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This is the last straw. Santa Barbara passed a law that penalizes restaurant owners with fines and jail time for handing out plastic straws.

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