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Welcome back for the 2018-19 school year.  We are incredibly excited to work with our students and families this year.  As we get started there were a few powerful results this summer that show our district is on the move to bigger and better things.

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The legislature has been in the news recently for the first public records work session in response to last session’s debacle surrounding SB 6617 (legislative public records). While lawmakers try to get their sea legs concerning the people’s right to know, some local governments are still in…

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During our long Northwest evenings, with lots of bugs around in summer, bat sightings are common. You may see them darting through the evening sky as they collect mosquitoes and other insects for their suppers. In fact, bats are great to have around for just that reason. They can eat their w…

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Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke has proposed increasing the visitor fees for national parks, including Mount Rainier National Park, from $25 per vehicle to $70 per vehicle. How much do you think access to these public lands should cost?

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