Registration Open for Thurston County Youth Football and Cheer

Kids interested in playing this summer in the Thurston County Youth Football and Cheer League must have their registration completed by July 31. Regular registration ends July 15 and games will begin Sept. 7. Students must be under the age of 14.

President Tim Claridge said there will be plenty of great learning opportunities this year for football players and cheerleaders alike. The league, going now into its 48th year, also announced an extension of its sideline cheer program to include kindergarteners.

“There’s nothing cuter than seeing these little kids out on the sidelines,” Claridge said. “The biggest part of the program … is there’s so many life lessons that these kids learn from participating in the program.”

While youth football participation has been on the decline nationwide, Claridge said the Thurston County league hasn’t struggled like many others. They’re always taking the extra steps necessary to make sure the league and its coaches are staying proactive, he said.

Athletes that participate in the football program will learn the basics of catching, making plays, proper safety, running with the ball and working as a team. The program starts kindergarteners and first-graders off with flag football.

Thurston County Youth Football’s cheerleaders will learn the basics of sideline cheering and will attend a two-day camp. They’ll learn stunt progressions and cheer at eight games, and there will be a showcase at the end of the season. Claridge said they’ll be finalizing the cheer season soon.

Payment plans are available for parents, Claridge said. The initial payment to register for tackle football is $100, according to the league’s website.

For more information, visit or visit Thurston County Youth Football League’s Facebook page.

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