Anyone who knows me knows I have been an avid Seahawks fan for quite a while. I go to every game possible, and nearly lose my voice every time, shouting along with other diehard fans as we shake the earth beneath us.

I wear jerseys, T-shirts and ties; proudly drive around in one of my vehicles with a “season-ticket holder” license plate trim; hang the 12th Man flag; and much more. I stay a fan in good seasons and bad ones, too.

I realize we now have a ton of new fans. Some may call them “fair-weather fans.” So? I welcome all to be fans of my team.

However, in last week’s Nisqually Valley News, I think most of us felt a little dirty after reading what people from a local dangerous cult said. They tried to imply somehow the Seahawks won with New Age techniques, which are somewhat unique to our local guru, implying Ramtha would make a good quarterback; or even implying that utilizing the dangerous cult’s disciplines could produce similar victories. One suggested Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was a cult Master (he is a Christian who refers to himself as a servant).

Pfft! I laughed out loud, and then my heart sank.

Sure, I welcome all new Seahawks fans. I just don’t like seeing more people being sucked into dangerous cults. It’s disturbing the Seahawks’ Super Bowl win is being used to recruit. The best thing about these cult members becoming Seahawks fans is they have become football fans. I’ve listened to countless ramblings by JZ Knight as she does her Ramtha gig. For years she has bad-mouthed football, and her followers know this all too well. It was as if JZ Knight didn’t understand why people like to watch football, so in her speeches she berated those who did, and the sport in general.

Now that the Hawks are a national sensation, Knight and/or other leaders/followers want in on the action. It is no different than the years “Seabiscuit” (2003) the movie was popular. Seabiscuit, the champion Thoroughbred racehorse, was popular way before JZ Knight. But the movie came out half a century later, and that is when Knight went in about it and all the popular conspiracy theories she tried to claim as her own.

With the Seahawks winning their first world championship, it appears the cult and its leader want in on the action — even claiming to somehow “see the win and make it happen.”

Yes, it’s true. They even had little gatherings where people claimed to remotely “see” the victory.

In conversations with many people prior to the game, including the sports writer for this newspaper, I said I wanted a clear and decisive victory where no one could say, “The refs caused us to win” or “The Bronco’s didn’t show up.” Although many people claimed it would be a close game, I stood my ground and adamantly repeated my desire. Guess what. I was right. Guess what else. I was right without any New Age, kooky disciplines. Nor did I pray it into existence. I’m just a sports fan – a Seahawks fan — and I let my hopes for the Super Bowl be known. It turns out I was spot on.

If some guru is simply trying to make more money with claims they have some special techniques unique to them by suggesting the Seahawks used said methods, they would be completely wrong. Meditation, focusing and so on is all part of my Christian and Biblical life. No cult or guru is needed.

The Seahawks won Super Bowl XLVIII without a cult or guru. Ramtha would not make a good quarterback because even fantasy football uses numbers from real players — not phony entities.

Jeff Adams


Editor’s Note: Jeff Adams is a pastor at Paramount Christian Church in Yelm and Lacey who writes a weekly religion column for the Nisqually Valley News.

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Interesting that Students of Ramtha are considered a "dangerous cult" especially looking at all the deaths inflicted by "Christian" throughout history. I think the Good pastor needs to spend a little more time with his "god" and look at the one of the passages in the bible which mentions " he who is without sin, cast the first stone".

Religion is not about who is right and who is wrong, it is about loving all, regardless of their perceived faults.


Spot on Tmindt....and let's not forget the "good Christians" that tossed human babies into boiling oil during the Crusades. Oh, I forgot...they were simply saving their souls by killing them in the most horrific and despicable way. Talk about dangerous cults...Christianity has a long and bloody history!


Hey pastor Jeff! I know you don’t know what your talking about! I don’t know who appointed you the expert on who can be a Seahawk fan or not. Your letter demonstrates your lack of knowledge on who attends RSE. I don’t think you know who your calling a “fair weather” fan. I was born in Seattle in 1972. I was going to Seahawk games in the Kingdome and wearing Seahawk gear since the age of 4 or 5. Also, I was at RSE Super Bowl Sunday before being at my parents to watch the game. You either have terrible informants who gave you misinformation or you just don’t care what was said and you want to make things up. As one who was there I can attest that you totally don’t understand what was said. I think people who read what you write should really be warned that you don’t know what your talking about when it comes to RSE, and they might want to think about what else you may pretend to know. In addition, I have never been a follower of anything in my life. So, before you paint me or anyone with the broad-brush of cult follower I think you should do some research! I never have or never would be a member of a cult. I’ve never been a joiner of groups or clubs, and I loathed my temporary status in any association that was part of my career path. Can you say the same thing about yourself? I would venture to say you probably have expressed more personality traits in your past that would lead you to joining a cult than I!


I am with you Pastor Adams, the Cultist is finding her flock a little flustered since they can't get their way! People who have had a chance to know religion understand the history of religion and the cultist will always find something in the Bible to throw at our current culture. I pity those who follow JZ Knight and pray for them at the same time.

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