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Hi my name is Virginia Coverdale. I was a county chair for the Trump campaign in 2016. This time around I chose to support a congressional candidate who would best represent our district and would most strongly support our President in Washington, D.C. Of all the Republican candidates running for this seat, there is only one I trust to have our President's back, and that’s Rian Ingrim.

Rian is a common sense conservative. He has a master’s degree in business administration and he is a business owner. Rian wants to get our businesses opened up quickly and with as few restrictions as possible. We need to get people back to work and back to life. Rian believes we must bring our manufacturing back from China. He supports our president in leveling the playing field internationally, and holding corrupt politicians accountable domestically.

Rian is a fighter. Rian will fight for small businesses and property owners. He will fight to liberate trafficked children. He will fight against indoctrination in our schools and for school choice. He will fight to end gun free zones and any restrictions against our Second Amendment rights. Rian will fight to restore law and order and the bill of rights. Rian will fight for life, for liberty and for our prosperity.

I enthusiastically endorse Rian Ingrim for Congress and look forward to the good work he is sure to do on behalf of the 10th Congressional District and on behalf of our country. Please vote for Rian Ingrim!

Virginia Coverdale


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