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Everyone graduates, moves out and gets a job, right? Then how come our schools don’t prepare us for it? Yes there is homeshop and floral design, but no home economics classes and no money management. There should be mandatory classes that you have to take before you graduate. It would help us be more successful with less stress.

To show us how to manage money would be very helpful. To balance a check is not very complicated but if you asked a highschooler how to do it they will look at you with a confused expression. Even how to manage our money or save it. Knowing what would be a good purchase and a bad one is important to know. I know that I spend a lot of money on food and unnecessary things, but if I were taught how to manage it better or set up a bank account I would save more money.  

Alot of kids also dont know how to cook or even do laundry. It should be one of the things you need to know when you move out. It’s not good to live on Top Ramen and bread. If my parents didn’t teach me how to cook I’d be very hungry. If we teach kids how to do the basic daily chores in life when becoming an adult, they have the chance to be more successful. 

We need to teach all students the basics of life without parents, like how to pay bills, do necessary chores and manage money. It will give them the chance to be less stressed when moving out, and less clueless in a sticky situation. 

Kelvin Brobst


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