To the Yelm City Council:

I have been a volunteer at the Triad Theater since its inception, minus the first two months. Cameron Jayne has brought more business to the community than you have or probably ever will, Yelm Council. 

It has been an honor to work with a woman who is so dedicated to serve the community. She supports all art, walks of life, creeds, ethnic and religious groups, ages, etc. 

The younger generations have been enhanced and given dreams to achieve as she helped them through music, art, public speaking and plays. 

Jayne collected food and clothes for the less fortunate and is probably the only business that has stashed emergency supplies for the community at the theater. 

StandingRoom Only Productions performs plays that are international level, and although independent, she provides them a home to nurture their talents, not a rental space. 

Nancy Hillman has been a wizard for young children and innovative plays. But that would not happen if Jayne and her did not collaborate on projects to make it happen. 

This is all through Cameron Jayne who has struggled from the beginning, living from dollar to dollar to keep the theater opened, procuring lights, sound equipment and microphones, screens and projector units. She has made the building from a sow’s ear into a special retro theater that is the black velvet backdrop to let our diamond talent shine. 

The hours she spent running, promoting, marketing, maintaining, cleaning, repairing and decorating a theater of this magnitude is beyond your imagination. Every show is like putting on a private wedding and reception (which is exhausting, I might add).

God bless her a million times for raising the economy and putting Yelm on the map. Jayne has made Yelm recognized nationally! 

The UFO Fest is a monumental achievement receiving people from all over the states. This is all through Cameron Jayne, who you haven’t supported at all during the last couple years. Yelm Council, it seems to me you have hindered her efforts more than helped. You accuse her of running off with the money you so graciously awarded her, but as of right now, none was ever received! 

The UFO fest had to move to the Thurston County Fairgrounds. No one from the Yelm City Council offered any solution to the problems she was having to accommodate the crowds expected this year without any convention room to accommodate lecturers and an audience. All this badmouthing shows immaturity, which hurts the business of the theater and the goodwill of the name. Shame on you! 

Many of you should be kicked out and replaced by good loving citizens who are about the people who improve this town. Slandering a person and business on Facebook for any reason is unacceptable much less when it is unfounded and false. The city council should hold a higher standard than that! No excuses. Sleep well! 


Joan Libin


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