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I am writing this letter to address my opinion on Thanksgiving and the vibe that is spread around the holidays. 

Many people see this time of year as stressful and chaotic because “everything needs to be perfect” but they don’t focus on what the holiday is really about. 

This the best time of year to lend a hand to someone in need and show thanks to all that you care about. 

Thanksgiving is a time to help others because you may have more than they do. My personal view on Thanksgiving is that this is a holiday that no one has to worry about presents, money or who is getting more because this is when you can just have a meal with your loved ones and cherish the day because you don’t get to have days like this very often. When my family sits down for Thanksgiving dinner, we always share things that we are thankful for, and I think that needs to be the mindset of more people on Thanksgiving. “What do we have?” Not “what do we need?” Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.

Rebecca Venuto


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