Yelm Councilor Tracy Wood was appointed mayor pro-tem at Tuesday’s council meeting.

The mayor pro-tem is a councilor who serves as mayor in the elected mayor’s absence.

Councilor Russ Hendrickson nominated Wood for the position; Councilor Molly Carmody nominated Joe DePinto.

DePinto asked that the matter be postponed until the next meeting, so Councilor Tad Stillwell, who was unable to attend, could be present for it.

Councilor JW Foster pointed out that the motion to elect Wood was pending, and needed to be voted on before a new motion could be entertained.

Foster, Hendrickson, Wood and Bob Isom — who attended the meeting remotely via speakerphone — voted to elect Wood mayor pro-tem.

Later in the meeting, DePinto raised concerns that the appointment of mayor pro-tem wasn’t on the initial meeting agenda he received. He never received the updated agenda, he said.

Mayor Ron Harding said the city code states the appointment of mayor pro-tem occurs at the first council meeting of the year. The fact that it wasn’t included in the original agenda was probably an oversight, he said.

“We weren’t expecting it,” Carmody said. “If it wasn’t on the original agenda that we received, and then it’s on the new agenda that we did not receive, I think that’s a major point of order that we need to look at.”

“It was on the revised agenda,” Harding said. “It wasn’t on the original agenda. But it was in your council protocol manual and the council handbook both.”


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