Rainier Lions Club plans to gift a snack shack to the City of Rainier as its centennial legacy project.

“The Rainier Lions as an organization turned 100 (in 2017),” said Evan Burnett, coordinator of the project. “There are several projects that the Lions Clubs were asked to do — to pick one of them. We chose to do what is called the legacy project. We would like to build a concession stand out at Wilkowski Park and then give it to the City of Rainier for us to be able to use it a few times a year.”

Resolving to do a project is one thing, but actually being able to pull it off is another thing entirely. Up until now, the Rainier Lions have had a tough time finding a person that is willing to pour concrete for the foundation — up until now, that is.

“It has been hard getting a foundation done, but I think we’ve got that figured out,” Burnett said. “I’ve always had people willing to do the framing the wiring, the roofing — it’s just this first step that’s been hard to get going.”

In fact, Burnett is going to meet with the fellow who’s willing to put the concrete tomorrow, Jan. 5, to see if he can really do it.

After the foundation gets the green light, Burnett is going to call the plumber and see if he needs to run piping through the concrete. After that, Burnett said he has just about everything covered — even the materials.

“I think I’ve counted everything,” he said. “I am at this point just hoping I’ve got it roughed in with walls and a roof (by April) so we can start using it. There are some things that are going to cost that I’m not sure I have the money for yet, like a refrigerator, cabinets and some interior stuff.”

Burnett said that any help regarding the refrigerator or cabinetry in the snack shack would be greatly appreciated. 

Ultimately, the snack shack would be a boon for both the Lions Club and City of Rainier.

“It’s our way of giving something back to the community,” Burnett said. “We put on a bluegrass festival every year. And this is something that would be nice to have out there. We’ve always had to rent a trailer in the past.”

George Johnson, City of Rainier council member, said the city plans to rent out the shack.

“The building will be available for use by our community, through city hall,” Johnson wrote in an email. “If you want to have a family reunion, a wedding, a party, a cookout, you would just need to fill out an application at city hall and pay a very small user fee to cover utilities, etc.”

In addition, the city could use it for parties in the park, for receptions and in connection with the sports complex out there, Burnett said. The city could also use it while putting on 5ks and fun runs, during the Seattle to Portland bike race and at just about any community event between May and October. 

For now, the process seems to finally be rolling, he said.

“If the foundation goes in right away, then it should only take a month and a half to two months of weekend work,” Burnett said. “The people I’ve talked with are happy to donate time on a Saturday or a Sunday. They’ve got to make money during the week to pay their bills, not worry about me.”

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