Jessie Ashman, a Roy City Council member who has served the city since February 2015, resigned in late April, according to documents from the city.

Ashman submitted her resignation letter on Monday, April 27, and it was effective April 30. No reason was given in the letter as to why Ashman resigned from the five-person council.

Mayor Anthony McDaniel on Friday said the city plans on filling the seat soon, but with the ongoing coronavirus situation statewide, their specific timeline to fill the position is unknown.

The city plans on posting a notice in about a week or so to begin accepting applications to fill the seat, McDaniel said. The council plans on holding interviews when it’s able to hold in-person meetings again.

McDaniel also said Ashman left the council on good terms.

Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak in Washington state, the Roy council has canceled two months of meetings due to the lack of technological infrastructure to hold public meetings via online or phone teleconference.

City staff have also restricted physical contact between customers over the span of the pandemic, similar to how many government agencies have.

According to Washington state law, the city council will have 90 days as of April 30 to fill Ashman’s vacant seat with a qualified person. If the city does not find a qualified individual to fill the seat, the responsibility will then be put on the hands of the Pierce County Council.

The person who fills Ashman’s seat will serve through the end of her four-year term, which ends at the end of 2021.

Ashman was originally appointed to her position after former council member Dean Lloyd resigned in early 2015. Ashman then ran unopposed in 2017 to retain her position.

The former council member who has reportedly lived in Roy since 1992 did not return a phone call Thursday inquiring about the reason for her resignation.

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