Yelm Mayor JW Foster will give an update on city happenings next week during his annual State of the City Address.

The address will be given during the Yelm Area Chamber of Commerce’s monthly Chamber Luncheon and Forum from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Tuesday, May 14, at Yelm Community Center.

Foster said the city is finally experiencing relief from the recession and because of changes in the city’s financial leadership, the city is able to use its reserve to build additional equity which is then freed up for other projects and expenses.

Because of this, residents are finally seeing projects start to move forward and the city was able to buy the new City Hall building.

“I will talk about the success we’ve had financially on a variety of levels,” Foster said. “We’re able to safely move money around to use it more effectively.

And since the recession, the city has finally been able to stabilize its revenue stream and increase services such as adding police officers in a budget sustainable way, he added.

During his address, Foster said he will talk about the various projects going on or coming up, give an update on the Yelm Bypass and talk about structure changes within the city.

He also will highlight the work of the city council, which has been very productive working collaboratively amongst themselves and with staff.

Foster said he’s proud of the fact the city has been able to create the place people call home and want to call home.

“Hopefully generations of the future are proud of us today,” he said.

Lunch will be provided with admission ticket. The cost is $20 for chamber members and $25 for non-members.

This month’s sponsor is Uptown Lounge.

This event occurs on the second Tuesday of each month.

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