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Yelm Shoplifters Attempt Theft of About $1,300 in Merchandise 

• Yelm police arrested three people for second-degree retail theft, with one facing additional charges for heroin, after responding to a report of shoplifting at the Yelm Walmart at about 2:45 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 17. An employee told police that the suspects were attempting to steal $1,300 in merchandise. When an officer arrived, he found the suspects attempting to load the items into a vehicle. The officer first spoke to Rachel Sloan, 27, who said she hadn’t paid for the items and that Walmart’s “system wasn’t working.” She said she was just released from jail for retail theft and “wouldn’t be that stupid” to do it again, claiming she was returning the items. The manager said Sloan was repeatedly attempting to use a declined credit card, and while that was happening, her friend pushed the merchandise out of the store. The officer detained the two women, along with a male who was in the back seat. While searching the male, identified as 27-year-old Felei Lapana Tauave, an officer found suspected heroin. The officer also determined he had a felony warrant for robbery. Amanda Saenz, 39, was identified as the driver of the vehicle. The officer got a search warrant for the vehicle and found additional merchandise from a previous theft at the Capital Mall in Olympia. Suspected meth was also found in the vehicle. All three were arrested for second-degree retail theft and Tauave was also charged with a felony for the heroin. 


Yelm Girl Booked for Assault After Bus Attack 

• A 12-year-old Yelm girl was arrested for aggravated assault after allegedly attacking a fellow student on a school bus on the morning of Thursday, Oct. 17. According to police records, the girl told a responding officer “you don’t even have to ask me, I hit her … Bashed that white b-tches head in the window.” The victim said the attacker had targeted her because she had prevented the attacker’s cousin from bullying another student. According to police, surveillance footage from the bus proved the victim was telling the truth. The 12-year-old had slammed the girl’s head into the window and attempted to put her in a choke hold. The suspect, who was not apologetic and seemed proud of the attack, was arrested and booked into the Thurston County Youth Services Center for second-degree assault. 


Yelm Child Removed From Home After Counselor Reports Facial Injuries

• A counselor at a Yelm elementary school called police after noticing a child with injuries to his face that appeared to be in the shape of a hand on Friday, Oct. 18. The boy had obvious bruises on the bridge of his nose and around his eyes along with the hand-shaped on his face. The boy said he fell out of a bunk bed and was scratched by a cat. On officer took the boy and a sibling into protective custody through the Child Protective Service. A visit to his home showed the child was living in deplorable conditions with his mother. An adult male was also at the home. Neither provided an explanation for the injuries that was suitable for the officer. At last report, the children remained with CPS and police have been unable to determine the actual origin of the injuries. 


Burglar Attempts to Enter Home as Resident Sleeps 

• At about 9:45 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 15, a burglary in progress was reported in the 15000 block of 104th Avenue Southeast in Yelm. A woman reported her garage had been broken into as she was taking a nap. She said she heard a male voice but did not see anyone. There was evidence that someone had attempted to enter the main door to the garage, which had a cracked frame and pry marks. Officers did not locate anyone other than the residents at the home. 

Thief Uses Own Battery to Steal Car

• The suspect or suspects in the theft of a 1996 Honda Accord in the 100000 block of Terra Glenn that was reported Tuesday, Oct. 15, supplied their own battery in order to steal the vehicle. The owners of the Accord said it was stolen Oct. 14 at about 4 a.m., according to surveillance footage. Its battery had been removed and was charging. The footage did not provide any helpful information for identifying a suspect.

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