First ballot counts from the Tuesday general election show some local candidates winning by wide and narrow margins.

In Thurston County, Tye Menser is beating out Thurston County Commissioner Bud Blake by a shy margin with 51.02 percent. Just 1,600 votes between them.

While county prosecutor Jon Tunheim is winning against Victor Minjares with 54.96 percent.

Thurston County Auditor Mary Hall is winning with 61.28 percent and Steve Gonzalez is winning the race for Supreme Court Justice Position 8 with 68.52 percent.

Linda Oosterman is winning the race for Thurston Public Utility District with 58.39 percent.

Other candidates running unopposed include state Rep. JT Wilcox, Sheriff John Snaza and Assessor Steven Drew.

Intercity Transit’s measure to increase sales tax by 4 cents per every $10 spent is passing with 64.75 percent.

In races decided in Thurston County and beyond, state Rep. Andrew Barkis is winning against Anneliese Feld with 59.7 percent of the vote.

Barkis thanked voters Tuesday night on his election Facebook saying he was honored to be re-elected.

“Tonight was the culmination of a great campaign,” he wrote. “I look forward to continuing to work as your representative.”

Congressman Denny Heck is winning against challenger Joseph Brumbles with 60.88 percent and Senator Maria Cantwell is winning against Susan Hutchison with 58.6 percent.

In Pierce County, voters are approving one of two propositions for South Pierce Fire and Rescue.

The district’s six year levy lid lift for EMS services is passing with 50.26 percent of the vote while the levy lid lift for fire protection services is failing with 52.36 percent of voters rejecting it.

Statewide, voters are rejecting Initiative 1631, the carbon tax, with 56.32 percent against, but are approving three other initiatives including 1634, the grocery tax, with 54.78 percent in favor; 1639, which concerns firearms with 60.35 percent and 940, which concerns law enforcement, with 59.2 percent.

Voter turnout statewide was 45.36 percent. In Thurston County it was 47.83 percent and in Pierce County it was 28.15 percent. 

There is an estimated 19,000 ballots left to count in Thurston County, 108,750 left in Pierce County and 546,711 state-wide. Thurston and Pierce counties' next ballot counts is planned for 6 p.m. tonight.

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