A Yelm man has learned a valuable lesson about human anatomy and the potential consequences of exhibiting such.

On Jan. 6, a Yelm police officer investigated attempted extortion after taking a phone call from the victim identified as a 19-year-old Yelm man. The victim told the officer he had been video chatting with a woman he met online when for some reason he decided to expose his genitals.

The woman told the man she had recorded the video chat and threatened to send the video to his family, friends and place of work if he didn’t send her money.

The victim didn’t know the woman, but described her as white and skinny with brown hair and glasses. The man suggested to the officer that the video had perhaps been pre-recorded and had not spoken to the woman over livestream. The video chat was done through Facebook with a female profile named Leyelle Oublier, but was not the person the victim saw on the video.

Using Oublier’s profile, the suspect Facebook messaged the Yelm man demanding $2,500 or he or she would upload the video to YouTube and Dailymotion. The victim told the suspect he had only $40 and needed a way to send it. The suspect provided a cash app account named Lord Of The Ring and told Davis to pay $Lucietheredeye. The man and the suspect haggled over the amount of money he would pay and the man subsequently offered his cellphone number to continue the conversation via text.

The victim eventually attempted to send $40 via Cash App but wasn’t sure if the money made it through. The suspect told the man he or she would contact him in the future for more money. The victim blocked the suspect from Facebook, but the Yelm officer advised him to keep all future communication from the suspect. The man said he had just recently accepted the suspect’s Facebook friend request and couldn’t identify the person based on the Facebook profile. The Yelm officer added photographs of the Facebook text conversations to the case file.  

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