Election 2019

Voters in southern Thurston County will vote on a number of local issues, city council seats and school board positions during the upcoming Nov. 5 general election. 

Multiple seats on city councils in Yelm, Rainier, Tenino and Roy are on the ballot, as are school board position in Yelm, Tenino and Rainier.

Local fire districts and a sales tax increase to improve the county-wide 911 communications mechanism are also on the ballot this November. 

For more information on these races and other local election news, following Nisqually Valley News on Facebook and visit yelmonline.com. 

Washington residents 18 years and older can register to vote in-person through 8 p.m. on election day, Nov. 5. For more information, visit the county auditor’s office. 


Yelm Council 

Three of the seven seats on the Yelm City Council are up for grabs this year. All three incumbents will face challengers. 

In position No. 1, incumbent EJ Curry will defend her seat against challenger James Blair. 

Curry is looking to serve her second full term. She was elected to fill a vacant position in September 2016 following Mayor JW Foster’s appointment to his current position. Curry ran unopposed in 2017. 

Curry is a semi-retired property developer and has served on multiple city council committees, such as the Yelm Finance Committee and the Public Safety Committee. 

Blair, an operator and sales representative, is running again for Yelm council after a close loss in 2017 to council member Terry Kaminski. 

In position No. 2, incumbent Molly Carmody will defend her seat against challenger Cameron Jayne. 

Carmody, a paralegal, was appointed to her position in 2015. She currently serves on four council committees and is the liaison to the Nisqually River Council. 

Jayne, an executive at the Triad Arts Theater, is looking to leverage her experience in the arts to make Yelm a popular tourist destination. 

In position No. 6, incumbent Joe DePinto will defend his seat against challenger Matthew McLellan. 

Both homegrown Yelmites, DePinto is a lobbyist and McLellan is a financial advisor. 

For more information on their race, visit this link: http://www.yelmonline.com/news/article_316e45a2-bad2-11e9-9804-c3d2ebf2afa3.html. 


Rainier Council 

In position No. 2, councilmember George Johnson will run unopposed. 

Having lived in Rainier for more than 30 years, Johnson helped spearhead the We Love Rainier, Washington group and has been active with the local Lions Club. 

In position No. 4, councilmember Ron Kemp will run unopposed on the ballot, though there is a write-in campaign for  Damion “Bud” Green.


Roy Council

Seats held by Roy councilmembers Yvonne Starks, Shane Clark-Crisler and Harvey L. Gilchrist are all up for reelection. All three will run unopposed. 


Yelm Schools 

In district No. 2, incumbent Donna Edwards will defend her seat against challenger Denice Lingle. 

In district No. 3, incumbent Denise Hendrickson will defend her seat against challenger Charity Aleff. 


Rainier Schools

Three incumbents on the Rainier School District Board of Directors will run unopposed. Barrett Greenwood will seek reelection for his district No. 1 seat, Jerry Sprouffske will seek reelection for the district No. 2 seat and Dana Spivey will seek reelection for the district No. 3 seat. 


Fire Districts

Bald HIlls Fire Protection District No. 17 is placing a multi-year levy lid lift on the ballot. Bald Hills will seek to reauthorize the regular taxation rate of $1.50 per $1,000 of assessed property value. 

The levy lid lift would continue in 2020 and would expire in 2025. According to the Secretary of State’s Office, this levy lift was approved in 2007, and reauthorized by voters again in 2013. 


TCOMM Systems

Earlier this year, Thurston County Commissioners agreed to put forward to the voters a proposition regarding a sales tax increase to help fund a major communications system upgrade for Thurston 911 Communications (TCOMM 911). 

If passed, this proposition would add an additional sales and use tax at the rate of one-tenth of one percent for emergency communications and facilities upgrades. 

All law enforcement agencies, fire districts and medical transportation outfits use TCOMM 911’s system, and the result would be a more unified and streamlined communications system, supporters say. 


Tenino Schools

Four seats on the Tenino School District Board of Directors are up for reelection. 

Ryan Hilton from district No. 2, Adam Barr from district No. 3, Forrest Bergin from district No. 5 will run unopposed. District No. 4 incumbent Tammy Schroder will face challenger Reva Rice. 


Tenino Council

Seats held by Tenino councilmembers David Watterson and Rachel Davidson are up for reelection, and the two of them will run unopposed. Mayor Wayne Fournier will also run unopposed for his seat. 

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