The Roy City Council published a preliminary budget proposal at its Monday meeting. 

The council is still accepting feedback from the community and has until the end of the year to pass a balanced budget. City staff, council members and the mayor are still negotiating and continuing the budget process. 

In a letter to the public, Mayor Anthony McDaniel said the city will continue to keep public safety and its police department as its number one budgetary priority. 

“The biggest part of our budget is spent here. We are always looking for ways to minimize cost, but still provide professional law enforcement services to the citizens of Roy,” McDaniel wrote. 

This summer, the city added two volunteer reserve police officers to supplement its force at little to no cost to taxpayers. 

The preliminary budget includes about $685,365 in proposed revenue and about $725,000 in expenditures in the general fund, according to the proposed budget. If passed as is, there would be a deficit of about $40,000. 

The city police department is expecting about $287,000 in expenditures in 2020, which comes from the city’s general budget. Fines and forfeitures, which is revenues that comes from a mix of traffic infractions and other city fines, is projected to bring in only about $30,000. 

In total, the city is currently projecting about $1.65 million in proposed revenues and roughly $2.19 million in expenditures. Those numbers are expected to change. 

The city is projected to start 2020 with a beginning balance of $467,819. 

In the capital budget, city staff is still working out whether or not they’ll be able to allocate funds to convert the now-closed city library into a new police station. According to the initial budget, the police department requested about $60,000 in capital funds for the cost of the project. Only $20,000 of that is being proposed. 

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