Yelm police arrested an Olympia man on Wednesday, Oct. 14, after he allegedly assaulted and injured a Yelm woman and her male friend from Federal Way.

The Olympia man, Brent M. Ockerman, 36, is accused of two counts of fourth-degree assault and has not been located. 

Yelm police responded to a call about 6:25 p.m. from the Yelm woman, 36, claiming that Ockerman — her ex-boyfriend — had come by her Yelm residence as she and two male friends were sitting in a tented carport on the back side of the woman’s residence where she lives with her mother.

While sitting in the tent, she said Ockerman arrived, attempted to enter the tent and shoved her aside onto a couch when she tried to stop him from entering. According to her account, Ockerman then walked into the tent and began punching one of her male friends in the face, causing two black eyes the Yelm officer observed upon arriving at the scene. 

Her other male friend, who claimed to know Ockerman, later showed the Yelm officer threatening text messages from Ockerman that mentioned jihad and implied that Ockerman was becoming a Muslim after being in prison.

The Yelm woman, who was under the mistaken impression that a domestic violence no-contact order against Ockerman had been put in place after a recent domestic violence assault citation, was advised to go to the Thurston County Family Court and apply for another no-contact order.

After conducting a Department of Licensing records check, the Yelm officer discovered that Ockerman had another no-contact order filed by another woman and through the records check determined Ockerman’s Olympia address but was unable to locate him there.

Due to Ocerkman’s disappearance, his criminal citation was mailed to his last known address. No court date has been assigned due to COVID-19.

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