Brian Wharton

2016 File Photo — Brian Wharton is the Yelm Community Schools superintendent.

The following are actions and discussions by the Yelm Community Schools Board of Directors and district officials during the Thursday, Oct. 10, regular school board meeting held in the Yelm High School library. 

• The board recognized six educators from the high school and middle schools for their students exceeding expectations on the Smarter Balanced assessment. Instructors from Ridgeline Middle School included Amy DeMeire, Chelse Miller, Sarah Johnson, Greg Saunders and Stephanie Ryder. Instructors from Yelm Middle School induded Anna Garrison, Sheri Roe, Trisha Shivers and Gabe Cadero-Smith. Instructors from Yelm High School included Gene Bankhead, Celena Gilbert, Jeremiah Hume, Gregory Jeffries, Joel McMillan and David Lipe. 

• The school board approved the hiring of three new employees, including a new assistant football coach at Yelm Middle School. The board also accepted two resignations and approved two staffing changes. 

• After meeting extensively over the summer, student class leadership at Yelm High School presented the board with their goals they worked on to make the high school a more robust and supportive learning environment. 

• The board received a presentation from Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) staff about the future implementation of the program in Yelm Community Schools. The program is about a year in development at the school district and the next implementation step is to bring teacher development, elective class college visits and quarterly district leadership meetings into the classroom. There are currently about 50 students taking an AVID curriculum, and the goal of the program is to close the achievement gap. AVID coordinators say they hope to enroll upwards of 200 students within the next four years. Superintendent Brian Wharton said the hope is that this program will help the district with overall enrollment numbers throughout the year and keep kids in classrooms. 

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