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A forensic accountant is working to determine how much money was embezzled by a former office manager at a Yelm business where the owner estimates $30,000 to $40,000 in funds and medical supplements were taken over the course of three months. 

The alleged embezzlement at Living Well Chiropractic was first reported to the Yelm Police Department in mid-September. The subsequent investigation yielded a confession from the former employee, Jamie L. Audley, of Yelm. A case for potential charges has been submitted to the Thurston County Prosecutor’s Office for review. 

According to police, Audely showed immediate remorse and has cooperated fully with the investigation. 

Findings from the investigation showed that Audley wrote numerous checks to herself beginning on July 9. There were nine such checks in July, 14 in August and 16 in the first two weeks of September for a total of almost $10,000. 

Meanwhile, Audley also allegedly siphoned off profits from the sale of Ideal Protein products. 

“Had the markup percentage continued there would have been a profit of $24,799.52,” a financial review showed. “Recorded profit was $9,654.03. Checks written out to Ms. Audley and endorsed were $4,307.90.”

Several client cash payments were never recorded or deposited into the bank. Many clients showed a balance due despite the prior payment of cash, according to police records. 

Massage therapists at the business stated that their tips were not being handed back to them, and several additional assets of the business — including a vacuum and refrigerator — are unaccounted for. 

“It is my belief that there will be more theft uncovered if Ms. Audley’s checking and Square accounts are subpoenaed,” a financial expert wrote after analyzing the case. 

On Oct. 17, Audley admitted to much of the theft during an interview at the Yelm Police Department. She said she stole the money because a family member was using drugs and she feared she would lose her house, according to police records. 

“I will cooperate with anything you need me to do,” Audley said.

The Thurston County Prosecutor’s Office is reviewing the case for potential charges. 

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