Carolina Mejia

Carolina Mejia

With 300 ballots left to count as of Tuesday, Nov. 17, Democrat Carolina Mejia has been elected to represent District No. 1 as the next Thurston County commissioner.

Mejia leads her opponent, Republican C Davis, 57.9 percent to 41.71 percent and is ahead of Davis by 25,432 votes. A total of 157,073 Thurston County residents have voted so far in the election, which the county will certify on Nov. 24. The Secretary of State will certify general election results on Dec. 3. The county’s general election race attracted an astounding 83.49 percent of registered voters.

Mejia, reached by phone on election night when she held a healthy lead over Davis, said she was humbled, proud and happy that the people of Thurston County had put their trust in her.

“We are just so incredibly grateful right now,” she said. “This was definitely a group effort, and we just kept pushing our message out.”

As she prepares to serve her first term as county commissioner, Mejia outlined several projects she’ll focus on: huddling with county department heads to determine their priorities, and instituting a small-business action plan.

“I want to start helping our local businesses in Thurston County cope with the effects of the pandemic,” she said. “They are really struggling right now.”

In an email to the Nisqually Valley News on Monday, Davis suggested a smear campaign against him was primarily responsible for his defeat.

“The main reason I lost is because of the fraudulent and defamatory stories that were generated by the Thurston County Republican Party Board,” and its “deep state” members he wrote, calling the party “essentially a lawless, rogue organization” that failed to follow its own bylaws when it withdrew its endorsement from him.

Furthermore, Davis contended, a smear campaign by “two fake accusers” who were Facebook friends with Carolina Mejia severely limited his ability to raise campaign funds.

“I went into the general election with about $4,000, while my opponent had almost $100,000 (mostly special interest money),” he wrote.

Davis has not conceded to Mejia, though he acknowledged “the numbers are clear enough.”

“I feel that there is no courtesy needed for a candidate who refused to tell the truth to the voters on the issues and who participated in a smear campaign,” he wrote.

On a slightly more positive note, Davis expressed pride in his campaign team “and the good people of Thurston County who trusted me with their vote.”

“If my run helps shed any light on the election corruption or the total failure of the Thurston County Republican Party, then I will have been sacrificed for a good cause,” he concluded.

Mejia, 29, easily beat a field of contenders in the Aug. 4 District No. 1 Commissioner primary race, including Davis, who came in second.

Both Mejia and Davis encountered controversy along the way to their general election faceoff. Mejia, a judicial assistant for Thurston County Superior Court, prevailed in a county Superior Court case in August against a local political activist who questioned her U.S. citizenship and accused her of possible voter fraud.

Davis, a landlord and online marketer was compelled to change his residential address on his voter registration form in August after losing a voter registration challenge, and simultaneously faced accusations from two local women that he behaved improperly with them as teenage girls.

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