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A 40-year-old Rainier woman was charged with driving under the influence and resisting arrest after reportedly driving her vehicle into a ditch near First Street in Yelm. 

An officer was en route to a welfare check shortly after midnight on Wednesday, July 22, when they noticed a four-door sedan parked at a pull off area near First Street and Mill Road. After coming back from the welfare check, the officer noticed the same car in a ditch not far from where it was first seen. 

The officer made contact with a 40-year-old Rainier woman who was noted to have bloodshot, watery and dilated eyes. “We [expletive] up,” she told the officer. 

The woman had a difficult time finding her purse, which was right next to her, when asked for her license. At that point, a Thurston County deputy arrived on scene. 

The Yelm officer then reapproached her door and asked her to step out of the vehicle, to which the woman allegedly responded with a loud “no.” 

After informing her that she was being placed under arrest, and attempting to grab her by the wrist, the Rainier woman backed into the vehicle and braced herself in the vehicle. 

The Yelm officer eventually escorted her out of the vehicle and placed her face down on the ground. She continued to resist, screaming that her father was a corrections officer and he was in charge of them. 

She continued to scream about her father, according to a police report, and said that she was going to sue them. 

The deputy transported the passenger, a male, to his home in the Nisqually Pines and later joined the Yelm officer at the police station to conduct a DUI exam on the Rainier woman. 

At the Yelm Police Department, the woman refused to take a blood alcohol content test and continued to be irate, saying that her father would “have the officer’s job.” 

She was then transported and booked into Nisqually Jail. 

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