A screen image from the famous 1967 Patterson tape. 

The Pacific Northwest is a hub of reported Bigfoot activity, especially on the Olympic Peninsula. Few of these reports hit closer to home than an alleged Bigfoot sighting on Bald Hills Road last month.

As a website called Washington Bigfoot has it, a person submitted a comment to the site on April 23.

“I saw a Bigfoot on Bald Hills Road in Yelm, Washington, at 11 p.m. It was just over 6 foot tall, hair on its body about 4 inches long,” the witness said. “Orangutan long arms orange glowing eyes. This is a true story. Scared the crap out of me. Thought I’d share my experience with you.”

The website then reached out to this witness and they discussed how the witness was on their way home from work when they came around a corner and a dip in the road to see the fury biped on the side of the road. It paused and turned as them neared, with four-inches of hair all over and orange eyes, the site wrote. Permeating the area was the creature’s skunk-like odor, which the website states is not an uncommon experience to have when sighting a Bigfoot.

This example is not the only sighting in the region.

Back in 2007, The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization reported a sighting on Lake St. Claire nearing the Nisqually Indian Reservation, and another in 2012 near Rainier.

In all, the The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization lists 13 different sightings in the area since 1967.

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Once again Nisqually Valley News disgraces itself and makes a laughing stock of the people who live around here.


Fake news. Can't wait for UFO Fest to come to town again. Love watching all the freaks meander about. People that believe in this stuff are same that listen to Coast 2 Coast Am and probably cried during Avengers: End Game. HAHA


Fake News. Sounds like this story should be on Coast 2 Coast AM. Can't wait to get UFO Fest back in Yelm too. Always amusing watching those folks take make believe seriously. Prolly same ones crying in theater during End Game. HAHA

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