Roy City Clerk-Treasurer Debra Dearinger said Monday she will resign her position on July 31 but continue to perform the duties of treasurer on a part-time basis in hopes that the fiscally-strapped city will find the funds to split the position and its duties in half. 

Dearinger said she is looking to scale back her work life and begin semi-retirment with her husband, who retired back in March. While the pay for her position is on-par with cities of similar sizes, she said she hopes the city will split the position in two because of the amount of work. 

The Roy City Council held a work session on Monday before their regular meeting to go over the administrative changes and look at how the council will move forward as Dearinger eventually looks at fully resigning.

“I know my position is huge. I didn’t want to leave the city in a lurch,” Dearinger said.  

A change to an administrative position would have to go through the council. The five-member council and the mayor will ultimately have the final say in if the city can afford to create an additional position. Dearinger said other cities similar in size to Roy also have the clerk and treasurer positions linked.

Ever since she came into the position in March 2011, Dearinger said she’s learned something new every day about city operations. Since she started, the work has been nonstop, she said. 

She also came into her position during a shaky financial period, which was preceded by a strong economic downturn.

“I’m really glad I wasn’t here two years earlier,” Dearinger said. “I pretty much said, ‘I want to leave this place better than I found it,’ and I’d say I did.”

Dearinger said the council has also been looking at rearranging duties within the city to accommodate her stepping down, but nothing has been finalized. 

“We’re trying to decide what the best way forward is,” she said.  


Clarification: Debbie Dearinger will resign on July 31 from her position as Clerk-Treasurer and she is looking to scale back her work life. Her wage is not a primary reason for her leaving, she said. Best of luck on your future endeavors, Debbie!

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