From left, Mark Edwards, Thomas Krempetz, and Scott Johnson successfully completed the rigorous Emergency Medical Technician course instructed by Medic One. About 176 hours of instruction were given over 18 weeks.

Mark Edwards, Thomas Krempetz and Scott Johnson recently graduated from a rigorous 18-week, 176-hour Emergency Medical Technician course instructed by Medic One. They will now begin serving Bald Hills Fire Protection District 17 and the surrounding community.

“This program was the most challenging because instead of memorization and protocol driven decision making, we were required to have a better understanding of the interactions and functions of human organs enabling us to form a different assessment,” Krempetz said in a recent press release.

Krempetz said he gave the program high marks. He’s previously participated in additional EMT courses in California and Idaho.

Students were required to perform extensive skill practice, observation and reading during the course, according to the press release. EMT students learned to recognize and treat hot and cold injuries, overdoses, diabetic emergencies and how to extract patients from wrecked vehicles.

Medic One also taught the students how to quickly evaluate a patient for life threatening injuries or illnesses, which can be vital to survival. Students now have the knowledge to give responding medics concise updates on the patient’s condition.

Officials with the Bald Hills fire department say they’re incredibly proud of these new EMTs.

“They have given so much for our community already, and this is just the beginning,” officials said in the press release.

Bald Hills Fire Protection District 17 is a volunteer-run fire department and serves more than 4,000 residents. Last year, the department answered over 500 emergency calls and responded to 80 mutual aid calls.

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