Perpetually unhappy people have wormed their way into influential positions all over our great country. Did I say, “great?” Oh, even that’s no longer acceptable to say. Once we had a presidential candidate use the slogan “Make America Great Again,” the fight was on to claim America never was great.

Look, I was amused when Donald Trump told powerfully influential celebrities who seemed untouchable, “You’re fired,” on snippets of “Celebrity Apprentice.” I never watched the show itself and I’ve never been a fan of his. In my humble opinion, he wasn’t a good presidential candidate, and I was surprised he won. I suspect his win was more of a “no” to Hillary Clinton rather than a wholehearted “yes” to him.

No one complained when I asked people to pray for Barack Obama throughout his presidency. No one argued when I asked people to respect and honor our president when it was Barack Obama. Yet, I did get complaints when I asked the same for George W. Bush and when I ask the same for Donald Trump. I’m not a Republican or Democrat. However, it has become clear to me that when I ask Christians to do the Biblical things concerning sitting presidents (1 Timothy 2:1-3; 1 Peter 2:17; Romans 13:1-7), political partisanship takes over in some. It’s particularly noticeable in those die-hards from the Democratic Party.

Don’t get me wrong. There are certainly die-hards in the Republican Party who were not respectful to Barack Obama during his presidency. Still, I didn’t see naked statues of him put up in major cities around the United States, purposely designed to be extremely disrespectful. I didn’t see our state attorney general suing Obama and bragging he’s done so more than 20 times — like he has with Trump. I didn’t see multiple partisan state attorneys general suing Obama like I d, suing Trump. It just seems crazy to me.

Now, I don’t like Trump’s tendency to bully people. I don’t like his name-calling habits. I don’t like most of his Tweets. I don’t like a lot of his past and current behaviors. Still, I don’t like what looks like politicians and media personalities who supposedly are “reporting news” along with university professors, former political leaders and more, all misleading masses into gang bullying on our president. I think the reason Trump’s polling numbers keep climbing is because the general public is getting tired of watching people gang up on our president.

People don’t seem to care that while these things are happening, patriotism appears to be diminishing. American exceptionalism is a good thing. We are special because we had lots of Christians praying and believing God’s hand was on our beginnings. Sure, plenty of people today like to ignore actual historical facts (see Wall Builders for much documented evidence) which prove our founding was distinctly and purely Christian. The reality is we were founded on Christian principles by mostly Christian people.

No, it wasn’t a perfect founding, but it was a beautiful one. No, it wasn’t easy, but it was worth it.

This Fourth of July, let’s do more than just barbecues, fireworks and leisurely play. Let’s remember America is a great country — no matter who is president. It’s great because it’s our country, and many people fought and died for it. Many people sacrificed for us to have it so good.

I love my country no matter who is in charge of it. I love my country because I’m an American citizen and proud of it. I believe my testimony as a Christian must include being a good, patriotic citizen. I hope you will join me in that.


Jeff Adams is pastor for Paramount Christian Church. His column appears weekly in the Nisqually Valley News. Email him at


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I use to work at a warehouse in Sumner a few years ago, and at least once a week or more I'd see this guy with a massive Obama picture with a Hitler mustache drawn on Obama's lip. The title said "Impeach!" I don't know of any concentration camps that Obama ran (can't say the same for Trump). I also saw and heard quite a bit of racist comments out in the more conservative rural areas.

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