The Radical Few

Sophie Sykes, who compiled the book, “The Radical Few,” examines its cover, which was inspired by the change that takes place from the caterpillar to the butterfly

The Radical Few” — volume two of “The Age of the Miraculous” — features more than 60 stories that tell of personal healing written primarily by people from Yelm.

Sophie Sykes, one of the authors, compiled the book, and said “The Radical Few” is all about the change from the caterpillar to the butterfly.

“It’s about the people who live here in Yelm who have manifested extraordinary healing,” Sykes said. “This book truly represents our community. These people who you are going to read about in this book [assert they] have healed themselves of tumors, cancers, skin diseases, parkinson’s, post traumatic stress and even blindness.”

She said that in many cases — in addition to healing themselves — these individuals have healed others through the teachings of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment (RSE), specifically using the teachings that center around a personal focus.

The story that Sykes wrote about involved healing the relationships in her family. There came a time when her father was dying, and her family all got together to say their goodbyes.

“We all knew that he was going to die, but I had an opportunity talk to him about reincarnation. We grew up in an Irish Catholic family and even the word ‘reincarnation’ had never even been brought up.”

So Sykes proceeded to tell her father about how he could allegedly make a plan for this reincarnation, that he will not be gone forever, that this experience will not end forever. 

“The next day, he ate breakfast,” Sykes said. “The next day, he ate breakfast and lunch. The next day, he ate breakfast, lunch and dinner. And 21 days later he was out on the patio because he wanted to sit in the sunshine. I looked at my brother and I said, ‘I’ve got to go home. Dad’s decided to live. He’s made a plan.’” 

Two years have passed and Sykes’ father is still around in this life. The whole near-death experience brought the family closer and became a healing time for all of them, Sykes said.

Chapters one through five share about this kind of healing that can happen in each person’s life, as well as in the lives around them. 

In chapter six, several high-profile individuals share their stories about the efforts they put forth to heal their community, Sykes said. These are people who have been on the boards to open up places like the Yelm Timberland Library and the downtown theater. These individuals may have run for city office, fought to protect Yelm’s wildlife or fought against pot retailers.

“Chapter six is called ‘Healing Our Community,’ because not only have they worked on healing themselves and healing others in chapters one through five…by the time it gets to chapter six it widens and goes into the very City of Yelm,” Sykes said.

Miceal Ledwith, one of the authors in the book, describes the work he has done for the past seven years. He teaches people in Yelm to “overcome crippling emotions and attitudes that are imbedded in our subconscious programs,” Sykes said, adding that he has shown many people that their thoughts matter and that the physics of each person’s own reality creates either health or disease.

He teaches about quantum mechanics, the quantum field and the beauty of science, which is also used in the seventh chapter, when the book introduces the stories of those that have used JZ Knight’s invention called the Blu Room.

This technology is essentially a room that creates a portion of the ‘Ultraviolet Realm’ with its structure and lighting — the invention is based on the metaphysical science of elsewhere, or “on Earth as it is on heaven,” according to Mike Wright, who was listed as operations manager for Blu Room Enterprises and a top advisor at Knight’s school as recently as 2017.

“JZ is describing the future of medicine as frequency medicine, and there are over 30 Blu Rooms throughout the world,” Sykes said. “Chapter seven is just a small sample of undeniable examples of healing, but some of the most heartfelt stories that are in that chapter come from people with PTSD. These healing stories have received so much notoriety because the vets who are suffering are being helped.”

Sykes spoke of an evolution of healing that starts with a personal focus, which radiates into others, into pets, coworkers, families and — with the invention of the Blu Room — the world.

“Don’t you think it’s unique that this little, tiny, small, postage stamp of a town with maybe a population of a little over 9,000, can have so many people who are healing themselves, who are manifesting a happier life? To me, that’s what this book is. This book’s about truth. And the truth is that radiant health is available to everyone, and all you have to do is want it.”

She said that beginner classes at RSE can help folks get started.

“This book is an invitation for everyone who chooses to and sincerely wants to change their health,” Sykes said, adding that simply reading the book can give people the inspiration needed to change their lives in many ways.

She wants to thank all the authors, editors, designers and donors who made “The Radical Few” possible.

“The Radical Few” can be found for sale at JZ Rose.

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