There they were, two childless senior citizens. Maybe they felt their time was nearly up on this earth like many in their 60s and 70s. Yet, it was at that time God called them to pack up and go to unknown places and do unimaginable things. 

It had to be scary, but they went anyway, and God blessed them for it.

It’s an unnerving thing to not know where God is leading, but to know one must go. When God calls you to step out into the unknown, it’s not easy to have the faith to do so. I can speak from personal experience many times. Through the years, God has clearly called me to go where He leads, and sometimes I didn’t know where it was going to be. It’s hard to sacrifice anything or risk everything to go where He is sending, especially when it is not clear where, what or exactly how.

Imagine how these two senior citizens felt. 

How would they be blessed with abundant descendants when they hadn’t even had children yet, and they were apparently too old? How would it feel to have to pick up and move after living comfortably where they were for so long?

People make having faith look much easier than it usually is. People who have strong faith usually went through tremendously trying times to get to that point. Even people who seem to have rock-solid faith are often shaken to the core when the difficulties of this world come hard and fast, unexpectedly. 

Still, having faith proves most beneficial in the hardest times.

If you are one who is struggling, trying to find where you fit in God’s plan, if you are one who is actually beginning to question your own beliefs because it feels like God isn’t answering your prayers or if you are one who can’t seem to muster enough faith to keep forging ahead, I want you to know I understand. I’ve been there many times — for real. 

Below are some verses that help me in hard times.

First is Romans 8:28, which says, “All things work together for the good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose.” 

I like to paraphrase it like this: “For Christians who answer God’s call, one way or another, it’s all going to work out.” 

It’s true. It always does. Hang your hat on that verse. It’s pulled me through many hard days.

Another is in Psalms 6 and 7. Chapter 6 illustrates David’s deep sadness as He calls on God to save him. He even seems worried he will die soon, and begs God for His steadfast mercy. It’s as if he feels like all the people around him want him dead, so he appeals to God. The appeal stretches into chapter 7, and it appears he wonders why God isn’t answering his prayers.

Then, in verses 12 and 13, he assures the reader that when God seems silent, He isn’t doing “nothing.” He paints a picture of a God who is listening to his pleas to save him from his enemies who are trying to kill him. 

The picture is of a God who is listening, quietly, sharpening His sword, bending His bow back with flaming arrows (weapons of mass destruction of the day). It’s as if God is preparing to unleash His wrath on the evildoers and is looking at David, implying, “Keep talking, keep telling me more. I’ve got this.”

He does — even for you. Pray and have faith. His silence may mean He is preparing to unleash His power!


Pastor Jeff Adams is a professional Christian counselor who travels the world teaching but serves our community. His column appears weekly. He can be reached by email at

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