Geared Up protestors gather on steps inside Capitol legislative building by Cameron Sheppard.JPG

Gun rights supporter stands on Capitol steps, armed and wearing tactical gear.

Roughly 100 gun rights activists marched on the state Capitol on Friday and rallied in opposition to recently proposed gun regulation bills.

Matt Marshall, leader of the Washington Three Percent gun rights advocacy group, spoke to an excited crowd after announcing earlier this month he would run for the seat of House Minority Leader J.T. Wilcox, R-Yelm. He has been critical of Wilcox’s leadership regarding issues surrounding Rep. Matt Shea, R-Spokane Valley.

Shea was expelled from the House Republican Caucus and stripped of his committee appointments after a private investigative report paid for by the House of Representatives and conducted by the Rampart Group accused Shea of participating in acts of domestic terrorism for his involvement with armed standoffs with law enforcement in Nevada and Oregon.

“Today closes my first month of fundraising,” Marshall said to the crowd. “I am happy to announce that it is going to be a shock throughout the Republican establishment.”

Joey Gibson, founder of the Patriot Prayer group, spoke to the crowd, praising Shea’s willingness to stand up for the rights of citizens in Bunkerville, Nevada, and Priest River, Idaho, when he felt the government had impeded their rights.

It is alleged that Shea organized armed support to prevent the government seizure of firearms from a veteran in Priest River and helped to organize and negotiate during the Bundy family’s armed standoff in Bunkerville.

Armed Protestors outside House by Cameron Sheppard.JPG

Gun rights advocate warns crowd of the potential need for forceful resistance in the future at gathering outside House of Representatives chamber.

Gibson led supporters to the office of House Minority Leader J.T. Wilcox to demand due process for Rep. Matt Shea.

An armed man who identified himself as a member of the Washington Three Percenters cursed Wilcox and called him a coward when he did not show up to address the marchers. The man yelled profanities as he made a gesture with his middle finger towards Wilcox’s office.

Later, Marshall, the founder of the Washington Three Percenters, said he was not a part of the march to Wilcox’s office and that the man who yelled obscenities was not a member of his organization despite his claims to the reporter. Marshall said if subsequent information proves otherwise, the person will be “dismissed” from the organization.

Threats, a Challenger and Business as Usual: Wilcox Stands By Decision to Boot Shea From Caucus

Gun rights advocates wore tactical gear and carried assault rifles in front of the House Chamber as they spoke to the crowd of the need for resistance against a “tyrannical” government.

Meanwhile, resistance to gun regulations such as voter-approved Initiative-1639 continues as county commissioners from Stevens County this week adopted a resolution to nullify the initiative, claiming the regulations are an infringement on Second Amendment rights.

Nearly 60 percent of the state’s voters approved I-1639 in Nov. 2018, which took effect July 1, 2019. The law calls for enhanced background checks, requires firearm safety training, raises the age for gun ownership to 21 and contains gun storage provisions.

Several law enforcement officials in the state vowed last year not to actively enforce the law, claiming that some of its provisions are unconstitutional.

And now, at least one county government has deemed it unconstitutional.

How They Voted: A Look At the Decisions of 2nd Legislative District Lawmakers

Stevens County Commissioner Steve Parker said any gun regulation to be implemented would be an infringement or restriction on constitutional rights. Parker urged that laws just be enforced as they currently exist.

The Legislature is currently considering bills that would outlaw gun magazines that automatically feed more than 10 rounds and a bill that would require firearm training for people who obtain permits to carry concealed guns.

Alexander Roggenkamp urged people to train themselves physically; he handed out cards for his firearm and survival training courses.

“If we have to fight, you guys need to actually be ready to fight,” he said to the crowd.

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Thank you for correcting the article… As it would discredit the Republican opponent of the incumbent. I personally feel that was the intent of the incumbent. my question is, if representative Wilcox was in Tacoma then how does he know what was said at his office? Making decisions on allegations and hearsay seems to be his MO lately. He should probably be careful about alleging bad behavior and even criminal activity based on allegations and hearsay. He must feel threatened by the challenger. Still doesn’t justify making false allegations on his personal Facebook page.


The author wrote "tyrannical," as if to suggest that it was an unconfirmed allegation, but did not do the same for the plotically-charged term Assault Rifle. I was there at this event. There were no *actual* assault rifles present at this event, as they are capable of fully automatic fire and are essentially illegal. To the author, please correct your article.


Interesting how my comment went away.

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