Donna Walters

Dead on arrival .

Tax dollars are involved and that is why the buck stops here .

Do your homework people

As voters .

It's our duty to know our candidates on both sides .

It's takes 3 minutes to read about a candidate .

We don't need I. D. to vote . Yet we must pick a party .

Good grief 😂

We were warned this could happen ...

And it did . It is and will continue .

I see water is first and foremost in this article .

Water is the life breath of all communities .

Surely they protest too much .

I don't believe this water statement . Not at all!

Taxpayers are fed up with the never ending tax increases and waste .

Take a look at what some of our local and appointed representatives are earning along with their retirement packages . Our taxes !

My property taxes are through the roof . Giving tax credits to new apartments…

Thank you for having the courage to speak the truth .

Without a moral compass society will continue on its downward spiral .

I'm fed up with over stepping rogue decision-making from our elected officials .

Is it to much to ask or expect our representatives to follow state federal and constitutional law .

If we cannot trust our elected and it …

I pray our appointed and elected officials / utilities and planning departments do their homework before permits are granted .

Water availability is number one and infrastructure is another .