YHS graduate growing clientele as licensed massage therapist


Yelm community members with aches, pains and soreness have another option in town with Brooklyn Cutler, a licensed massage therapist. She began her practice back in September and is happy to serve in the community in which she was raised.

Cutler, a 2020 Yelm High School graduate, offers her practice out of the Fruition Salon in Yelm, 404 First St. S., Mondays through Thursdays. She also offers in-home care on Fridays, mainly providing massages. 

“I do deep tissue and relaxation styles of massages, but I specialize in the deep-tissue treatment style. I just like making people feel better,” Cutler said. “Relaxation is more of your general massage. I’m just trying to relax the client. It’s not super specific. Deep-tissue treatment style is more specific, so if a client had an injury, I’d work on that specific area and surrounding areas to improve range of motion and decrease tightness.”

Cutler, who graduated from Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy and Massage in August of this year, said she attended evening and night classes during the week after she’d finish her work day. She eventually began doing clinics each Wednesday, which helped her finish the required 108 hours of outside-of-school work. She said those required hours helped her create and grow an initial clientele.

“I love working in Yelm because I’m familiar with a lot of people within the area, and they help me grow my clientele through word-of-mouth. Yelm has been my home, and it’s nice working where I am comfortable,” Cutler said. “I initially wanted to do nursing at first, but I worked in an assisted living facility, and it was too sad for me. I’m too sensitive. So I was trying to figure out what I could do that would also make me happy, and I realized I always massaged those patients and that I always enjoyed doing it and it seemed to help them out.”

Cutler added she’s resolving insurance matters so her clients can have their providers cover the massages.

“It’s been a little bit stressful because I’m doing it on my own, and I have to find the clients. I have to be patient, but it’s been going well,” Cutler said. “I want to get the insurance aspect taken care of, so hopefully that’ll pick up, and I can get more clients, but I’ve been pretty content with starting out and doing as well as I’ve been doing.”

As her business continues to grow, Cutler envisions going back to school to get a degree related to physical therapy so she can offer those services, as well.

Cutler said people interested in booking an appointment can reach her through Facebook Messenger or through Instagram direct message.