Yelm’s First Marijuana Retailer Now Open


After almost one year of working with the Yelm City Council to reduce the buffer zone from daycares and transportation stations, Tim Cronc’s marijuana retail store is now open at the former Subway and liquor store building.

Before King Cronic, the nearest marijuana retailer to Yelm was The Herbal Center in Tenino, leaving consumers a lengthy drive and giving thousands of dollars of tax revenue to other cities. Revenue for the city played an important factor in the decision to reduce the buffer zone. Marijuana retailer Tim Cronc predicts his marijuana retail store within Yelm city limits should generate $2.7 million in sales per year with about half for medical use which would be tax free.

Based on Cronc’s retail estimates, Yelm Community Development Director Grant Beck said the taxable sales would generate $145,000 total sales tax and close to $37,000 would go to the city of Yelm. The excise tax will generate $620,000 and the city of Yelm would receive just under $10,000. One year of tax revenue is estimated between $46,000 and $62,000 for the city between the sales tax and the marijuana excise tax.

Yelm Mayor JW Foster during a council meeting said nobody anticipated the amount of tax revenue that would be generated by retail sales when marijuana was legalized. Foster expects more of a share of the tax revenue in coming years when other small cities get retailers.

“I went to a lot of council meetings and talked with most of the council individually to clear up a lot of misinformation and the fears of crime or having to increase police force which has proven to not be necessary,” Cronc said.

Cronc said he got into the marijuana business when his wife was diagnosed with cancer 10 years ago when they were looking for an alternative to radiation therapy. He praises Rick Simpson Oil, an oil that contains high cannabidiol (CBD) and low Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) for helping his wife’s cancer treatment and has seen it positively affect many of his customers. The Journal of Experimental Medicine found CBD oil to help patients with migraines, arthritis, Crohn’s disease and many other chronic illnesses.

“It took a long time for people to believe in it,” Cronc said.” I’ve seen people come into my store crying because it hurt too much to walk or stand up and after using the oil, they can walk again and many people have thanked me for providing this to them.”

Along with selling recreational marijuana, King Cronic can issue medical endorsements on the spot with a doctor’s prescription. The endorsement allows medical patients to purchase cannabis tax free and allows them to purchase in larger quantities, saving them money for buying in bulk. Along with being tax free, a few products will be reserved for medical patients only.

“We have lived here for 25 years and I believe in the medicinal properties and the recreation side,” Cronc said. “I want to see the city grow and to see projects being funded because I have kids and grandkids that live here. I wouldn’t do something to damage the community.”


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