Yelm Water Quality Good


Drinking water for the city of Yelm met all standards for safety in 2015, according to a quality report released late last month.

“I think our water quality is good,” Public Works Director Chad Bedlington said.

In 2014, the pH levels and the amount of copper and lead in the water were above standards, Bedlington said. The levels were not dangerous and copper and lead, at low levels, are common in water.

Throughout 2015, several tests were conducted at various locations in the system and the levels have been brought down, he said. All other contaminates are well within the state’s safety standards.

Last year, Yelm pumped 223 million gallons of groundwater. Over 96 percent went to metered use, less than 1 percent was authorized unmetered use such as line flushing and fire department use. Leaks in the system and unauthorized use accounted for 3 percent of the water used. The state requires leaks to be under 10 percent of the total water usage, the goal set by Yelm is 6 percent.

Another goal was to reduce the average amount of water used by single family residential homes to 200 gallons a day. In 2015 the average amount of water used was 176 gallons.


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