Yelm Police to Get Additional Officer on Force


Yelm City Council voted unanimously to add an additional patrol officer position to the Yelm Police Department.

Councilor Tracy Wood said the reason why the council hasn’t added positions in the past was due to lack of funding. Funding for has recently become available to support an additional officer.

“This is something Yelm has needed for a long time,” Councilor Joe DePinto said.

Chief Todd Stancil said he already has a candidate for the position lined up and will start the background check and the rest of the process to hire him after the council approves the position. However, he lives in Georgia so the process could take additional time.

The goal is to have the new officer on the street covering shifts by himself by November, once his month of field training with the department is complete, Stancil said.

In 2009, the YPD had 14 commissioned officers serving a population of around 5,000, Stancil said in the staff report to council. Currently the YPD has 12 officers serving a population of almost 9,000.

Adding this officer will bring the total number to 13. This is the first position added to the YPD since 2009. The two officers recently hired by the department have filled positions opened up by officers leaving the department or retiring.  


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