Yelm Expands Capacity to Help Animals in Need


Yelm City Council voted unanimously at their May 11 council meeting to enter into a contract with Lacey’s Joint Animal Services.

The move will decrease the annual animal-services general budget item from $75,000 to $45,000 dollars.

After a three-month, free trial with the service, Yelm Public Works Director Cody Colt told the council the service met the city’s expectations, and that Joint Animal Services has also consented that Yelm has met their expectations.

“Joint Animal Services is an organization set up by the city of Lacey to serve all of Thurston County,” Colt told the council.

That includes horses, dogs, cats, ferrets, muskrats and other animals. Previously, only dogs were accepted.

The service helps lost pets, surrendered pets and even tries to adopt out pets when conditions are right.

The existing dog kennels that Yelm owns and has recently improved will be used as a transition kennel for the animals so they are kept for 24 hours until Joint Animal Services can receive them.


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