YBA Questions City of Yelm Comprehensive Plan


Editor’s Note: The Yelm Business Association offers its comments on the city of Yelm’s Comprehensive Plan.

 The Yelm Business Association (YBA) Board of Directors has submitted the following comments to the City of Yelm regarding the city’s public comment period on the Comprehensive Plan updates, which closes on March 1, 2016.

General Comments:

• This is not a plan in the traditional sense of comprehensive planning. This is more of a brainstorming or “shopping list” of general items, and the way in which they are written, would have no force of law even if adopted into ordinance.

•There is no list of priorities or set of objectives.

• There is no timeline when any Comprehensive Plan item would be implemented.

• There is no estimated dollar amount to implement many of these items, many of which the city would not have the resources to enact.

• Action verbs are mostly missing. Passive verbs such as “like support, encourage, participate, and allow need to be replaced by “shoulds” and “shalls.”

•Which one of these will become part of Yelm’s Municipal Code (YMC) in 2016? In 2017? In 2018?

Here are a few specific comments as examples:

• Page 1, Goal 7. Support public and private local food systems to increase community resilience, health and economic prosperity - yet the City was well-known for putting up roadblocks to have the Yelm Farmer’s Market within the city limits, forcing them to relocate outside of the city limits, and have and inhibited their return. Please delete.   

• Page 4, Sustainable Community Guidance.

• Why does the city of Yelm not follow Policy 2.2 Building with Green/LEED standards, when the city purposefully chose to downsize the Community Center to avoid LEED standards in that structure?

• Page 8, Goal 11.11 Why is the city “Planning at the neighborhood level to increase housing density, when this town no longer has the updated and/or expanded infrastructure to support such, i.e. roads, water, sewer.

• Changing the zoning of the commercial location. Changing commercial zoning area is not recommended. This requires a comprehensive community-   wide discussion on the effects on the community, with the involvement of present land owners required.

Respectfully submitted,

Dan Crowe, Executive Director Yelm Business Association

Cynthia Schmier, President

Steve Craig,

Bill Hashim

Steve Klein,

Marian Licxandru



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