Woman Arrested After Stabbing Boyfriend on East Yelm Avenue


A woman was arrested and booked into the Thurston County Jail for assault in the second degree after allegedly stabbing her boyfriend in the back with a knife near the 1400 block of East Yelm Avenue on Tuesday, Nov 23.

Yelm police officers made contact with the victim in the Yelm Dairy Queen parking lot at about 6:45 p.m. that same day.

Sergeant Joel Turner, with the Yelm Police Department, said he and other Yelm police officers are well-acquainted with the suspect and the victim, dealing with them on a regular basis.

“There was a female that stabbed a male,” Turner said on Nov. 24. “They’re boyfriend and girlfriend. She had cut up his arm earlier in the day, during some type of domestic dispute. She had evidently stabbed him in the back. That’s when he called law enforcement.”

The suspect was no longer at the scene of the crime when the victim was contacted. 

After a search of the area, officers located the suspect in the bushes in front of the Subway restaurant on East Yelm Avenue.

Law enforcement did not release the woman’s name but stated she was in her mid-20s and a transient. The victim refused medical treatment.

Turner said police involvement went as smoothly as can be expected given new policing regulations. As officers were interviewing the victim about the stabbing, he grew uncooperative.

“It’s as good as it can be these days, when you have an uncooperative victim,” Turner said. “We were on the scene quickly and contacted the victim. He, after a while, just didn’t want to talk to the police anymore. We know the suspect and the victim very well. We deal with them on a regular basis.”

He said officers followed the letter of the law when apprehending the suspect.

“It was just a matter of contacting the victim and establishing probable cause, because we can’t work off of reasonable suspicion anymore,” Turner said. “We have to have probable cause before we actually go after somebody now.”

Officers established probable cause, he said, “just in speaking with the victim.”

“He did show us his wounds, and we knew who the suspect was, so that was pretty obvious probable cause that this occurred, that he did not do this to himself,” Turner said. “Again, we do know the victim and the suspect quite well.”

Once probable cause was established, Turner said officers were allowed to apprehend the suspect even though the victim had become uncooperative.

“Because it’s a domestic disturbance, we don’t have to have a cooperative victim,” he said. “The state actually presses charges in a domestic violence incident. That’s why we were able to go after and find the suspect and ultimately arrest her.”

He noted that officers did not have to use force to arrest the suspect and transported her to the Thurston County Jail.


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