Thurston County Sheriff’s Office warns of increase in scammers


The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) warned the community of an increase in scams in which scammers pretend to be members of the sheriff’s office. According to TCSO’s Facebook post from Thursday, April 11, scammers typically tell individuals through “official-looking documents” or phone call that there is a warrant out for their arrest or that they have missed some element of the court process or jury duty. They claim that individuals can resolve the issue by providing them with money, the post said.

TCSO noted that issues with the sheriff’s office can never be resolved by providing money before being booked into jail. The agency encourages victims to call the Thurston County court clerk at 360-786-5430 if they have received documents or phone calls from scammers, or call deputies through dispatch at 360-704-2740.