Three From Yelm Soccer Team Named to All-SSC List


Three girls from the Yelm soccer team were recently honored with All South Sound Conference selections.

Senior Meridee Hill and sophomore Holly Dorhauer were each named first team all-SSC, while Brooke Whited was selected as an honorable mention.

Yelm soccer’s head coach Jay Dorhauer had nothing but praise for Hill, who was a four year starter for the Tornados. Coach Dorhauer said that year by year, Hill became more of a complete player and by her senior year, her skillset was diverse.

“Meridee’s just a very physical player first of all. She has a really nice shot and she can pound the ball. Her game is really a power game, she overpowers other players on the field,” he said. “She’s really deadly on set pieces as well. Inside the 30, I believe she had five goals from set pieces.”

Coach Dorhauer said Hill scored a total of nine goals throughout the season and said she was a pivotal part of the team’s offensive attack. Aside from being a strong player on the field, he said Hill embodies leadership traits that have made the program better overall.

“Meridee is a great leader because she cares about the team. She’s also a great leader because she’s one of our hardest workers and she definitely set a good example on how to work for our younger players,” Coach Dorhauer said. “She’s a smart player. Every year, I saw her get better and better, and learn the game more. She sees the field really well, and she’s just grown into a complete soccer player over her four years.”

As for sophomore Holly Dorhauer, Coach Dorhauer believes her competitive nature has allowed her to excel on the field.

“Even in practice, she hates to lose. Whether it’s a good or bad thing, it’s what it is,” he said. “For as young as she is, Holly really knows the game well. She knows where to put the ball and she’s really good for her age.”

With a goal to finish first in everything, Holly Dorhauer constantly used her competitive edge to push her teammates to achieve more.

“Her skills are really good. She works hard, and every day she’s working to get herself and her teammates better,” Coach Dorhauer said.

Whited, who received an honorable mention, improved significantly on the field over the last four years, Coach Dorhauer said.

“Every year, Brooke has gotten better,” he said. “She came into this program just really quiet. Her transformation from freshman to senior year has been incredible, as a player and as a leader.”

Coach Dorhauer said Whited switched positions around halfway through the season. He believes that position change led to Whited being more vocal on the field.

“I hadn’t heard much talking from her until now, but this year she really became a leader on the field, especially communication wise,” Coach Dorhauer said. “She’s a really steady player and she doesn’t make many mistakes. She definitely earned that honor this year.”

Coach Dorhauer will look to reload the team next year after the departure of five or so key players. If the team wants to make the postseason in 2023, the coach said new leaders must emerge to replace the outgoing seniors.