Take a Trip Through Our Community’s Rich History


Enjoy these snapshots of articles written in past issues of the Nisqually Valley News from 45, 35, 25 and 15 years ago, respectively.

A Look Back at This Week, 45 Years Ago

- Yelm School District held its monthly school board meeting on Jan. 8, 1977. The meeting was held at Southworth Elementary.

- DG Schrodt, a member of the Puyallup Lions Club, visited Yelm’s establishment of the club on Jan. 17, 1977. He held the title of district governor for Lions International, which was the highest title in the area.

- A youth wrestling clinic was held at Yelm Middle School in January of 1977. The event drew over 100 kids.

- Icy roads on Highway 510 and Highway 507 caused multiple car accidents during the week of Jan. 8, 1977.

- A healthmobile was set for Yelm on Thursday, Jan. 20, 1977. The healthmobile offered a number of different free health care services.

- Pierce County Commissioner John Stortini spoke at the Roy Grange on Jan. 20, 1977.

A Look Back at This Week, 35 Years Ago

- Yelm Timberland Library returned to Yelm City Hall on Jan. 12, 1987. The city hall was the library’s original home.

- First grader Katie Miller earned a party for her McKenna Elementary class by winning the school’s reading contest. The first grader also won a McDonald’s gift card.

- A meeting regarding Yelm Creek was held on Jan. 13, 1987. The meeting was in regards to possible flooding and focused on different prevention strategies.

- The Harlem Clowns from Chicago performed in the Yelm High School fieldhouse on Jan. 17, 1987. The group played all over the world, including Canada, Mexico, Europe and all around the United States.

- A fine for not wearing a seatbelt was implemented at the start of 1987. The fine rose to $47. In the prior year, over $1 million in fines were handed out.

- County Assessor Ann Clifton visited the Yelm Senior Center on Jan. 15, 1987. She answered questions regarding new laws passed.

A Look Back at This Week, 25 Years Ago

- Work on the “Five Corners” project was set to begin in May 1997. The decision was announced at a Jan. 8, 1997 Yelm City Council meeting.

- A Yelm man, 22, was arrested on 15 counts of first-degree theft after his involvement in a theft operation. The man’s father was also arrested for being involved in the crime.

- Following flooding of Yelm Creek in December 1996, citizens were left worried about the future of the creek. A group of 20 property owners near the creek attended a Yelm City Council meeting to voice their concerns.

- A 29-year-old Yelm resident died in an accident on Bald Hills Road. The car crash occurred on Jan. 11, 1997.

- The city of Yelm looked for volunteers following the December 1996 storm that left many without power for days.

- Women’s Army Corps held its monthly meeting on Jan. 18, 1997. Any military women, past or present, were invited to attend the meeting.

A Look Back at This Week, 15 Years Ago

- A Rainier dog was named the nation’s top terrier in New York City. The event was a dog convention held inside of Madison Square Garden.

- Prairie physical education teacher Leigh Anne Charlson reflected on the unique way she prepared students for the real world in “Scooter City.” Each student was provided with a scooter, which was used for transportation to class. “Police” patrolled the area as the students rode scooters and handed out tickets.

- Timberland Regional Library began offering downloadable audio books at the turn of the year in 2007. The library provided a catalog with all the available audio books to choose from.

- The Yelm Lions Club hosted an open house on Jan. 29, 2007 and presented information about the club. At the time, the club had over 60 active members.

- Ridgeline Middle School’s girls basketball team wrapped up an undefeated season led by Head Coach Denny Gowan. Gowan served his fourth year during the 2006-07 school year as the girls basketball coach at Ridgeline.

- The Yelm Tornados boys basketball team began to click as conference play set in. The Tornados had a slow start to the season, but as 2007 began, the boys won three consecutive games between Jan. 5 and Jan. 12, 2007.


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