Storage Business Embarks to Next Stage of Development Process


The city of Yelm recently approved the site-plan review of a new business, which will move the development into the next stage of the building process.

Stor-House Self Storage will be a mini-storage business near the Tustin Apartments, 105 Creek St. S.E. in Yelm. It will be used by residents of the apartment complex, but also the community at large, including several businesses in the area.

“I know that there are a lot of developers in the area that want mini-storage, which would lead me to believe that there are a lot of community members that want self-storage,” said Casey Mauck, assistant planner with the city of Yelm. “So that’s good. I think there’s definitely a demand for this.”

The business will be part of a mixed-use development, which blends residential and commercial, that was greenlit with the construction of the Tustin Apartments years ago.

With the site-plan review and the environmental review complete, the city of Yelm has greenlit the project with a few mitigating conditions that developers will have to complete as they roll out their engineering plans and building permit application for the storage business.

One common mitigating factor is developers are required to meet certain landscaping requirements, something that shouldn’t be an issue with Stor-House Self Storage.

“Whenever we do developments we always want to make sure that they have adequate street landscaping, which would be, like, street trees,” Mauck said. “In this case, that was already built when the Tustin Apartments came in.”

She said the project is unique because the building pads for the business are already ready to go, but one mitigating condition will still need to be met.

“The building is over 30 feet tall, which means you need 26-foot wide access lanes for fire-vehicle access, so that was kind of a unique situation,” Mauck said. “But other than that, (the site-plan review) was pretty standard. We just want to make sure that they are in line with all of our design guidelines.”

Currently, with its land-use decision made, the development will advance into the civil-plan review. But Mauck noted that since the building pads are already present, the civil-plan review may not be needed. 

“Definitely before they build anything, they will need to submit building plans for their building permit, and that is when they submit the details and make sure that they are in compliance with ADA requirements, emergency-access, (and) sprinkler requirements, anything like that that they need,” Mauck said. “They also will submit architectural drawings that will show that the building has some nice features on it and it will be nice to look at on the street.”

She said the applicants for the project were really good about listening to suggestions the city made in the pre-submission meeting that happened prior to April 2021, where the city told the developers what they needed to do to submit a complete application.

“So the application that they submitted met almost all of our requirements and didn’t need a lot of back-and-forth,” Mauck said.

Overall, Mauck said the city of Yelm is excited to bring the development into the fray.

“We like to see our mixed-use developments where you’ve got some residential, some apartments and then some commercial,” she said. “It’s a great way to have some services that you can walk to and keep things in a central location.”


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